Our Sportsmanship Pledge

Miami Triathlon Team Guiding Principles for all coaches and members

I will maintain the highest levels of:

Integrity: I will be fair and courteous during training sessions and athletic events. I will participate according to all posted rules, and act honorably not only to my team, but to my opponents as well.

Respect: I will show high regard for teammates, coaches, race officials, race opponents, fans, administrators, and myself.

Courage: I will do the right thing even when others don’t. I will face fear with strength and determination.

Perseverance: I will be persistent in the pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of opposition, difficulty, injuries, handicaps or discouragement. I will exhibit patience and have the fortitude to try again when confronted with mistakes or failures. I will always exhibit:

Good Judgment: I will choose worthy goals; setting priorities in accordance with all rules; leading others to follow these rules.

Grace: I will be considerate, courteous, and friendly toward my competition; showing care, compassion and friendship in victory or defeat.

I will always be:

Selfless: from first to last. M3T always has, and always will bring in all athletes. We even cheer louder for those who bring up the rear. From fastest to slowest, we care about everyone equally.

Generous: I will do my best to contribute where possible. I will give back to the community by volunteering time and committing resources where available; assisting those less fortunate than myself and promoting the overall good of our sport.

Training Locations

Miccosukee Golf & Country Club.

6401 Kendale Lakes Dr, Miami, FL 33183

Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus TRACK

11011 SW 104th St, Miami, FL 33176

Key Biscayne - Hobbie Beach / Tri Beach

1st entrance to the right, after the big bridge going in to Key Biscayne

Charles Deering Estate

16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157

LA Fitness Miller Square Kendall

13838 S.W. 56TH Street, Miller Square Shopping Center, Miami, FL 33175

LA Fitness Doral Park

10055 NW 41st St, Miami, FL 33178

Virginia Key - Key Biscayne

Virginia Key Located on Key Biscayne off the Rickenbacker Causeway

Tropical Park - TRACK / HILL

7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155


started training with Bolko in July of 2014, and had an upcoming Ironman in September 2014. As soon as I started training with Bolko, I was immediately aware that up until that moment, I hadn't really been training. Each training session is incredibly solid and efficient, and each with a purpose. I PR'd every race I had leading up to Ironman Maryland, and at the race had an overall PR of 58 minutes (with a PR in every segment). Since Ironman Maryland, I also had a 15-minute 70.3 PR and a 26-minute marathon PR. I am a time-crunched athlete, so the efficiency and timing of each session really fits with a busy schedule. The training simply works, we have fun in the process, and are led by an incredibly talented coach”
Christine Coppola
have been competing in triathlons for 5 years, I basically self trained myself for the first 4 years. Most of the time I used to download free training plans from the internet and follow them religiously but everything change when I met Bolko. He basically crated a personalized training plan based on each race I was competing and the results speak for themselves. I was an average triathlete and been under he's wing I became above average in just one year. I broke every PR I had ranging from Sprint Triathlons to 70.3 IronMan, my experience training with him is that the key element for training is balancing the 3 sports, resting and most important element of been a triathlete is knowing that every training session is about quality training and not quantity. ”
Abraham Cohen
Not having many hours to dedicate to squad and club training sessions, I needed a program that would provide me with an efficient and structured use of my time. Coach Bolko have achieved this through their initial testing procedures, a personalised program and constant feedback. The training program provided has given me the confidence that I will not only achieve the goals I have set, but continue to build on these in the future. Each training session is now a well planned integral step towards race day. Coupled with sound advice on technique and nutrition, the package has been a great investment. Apart from this, it's great fun.”
Andres Mendez